Inviting contributions for new samples

This is a great opportunity for the Java EE developers to participate in glassfish-samples project and contribute to the development of samples to show case the new and latest Java EE features. In addition to earning recognition, the sample developers can significantly influence the Java EE 5 development community and its productivity as Java EE SDK is downloaded by millions of developers around the world. To start with we are looking for sample applications in the following areas and we are open to other relevant areas.

Sample Application Areas

These areas roughly correspond to new Java EE 5 features for the immediate requirement.
  • Java Persistence API - access persistence layer using JSF, access persistence layer using web tier
  • EJB 3.0 over-riding of annotations
  • Web Services
  • AJAX
  • Security
Please refer to the existing list of sample applications to visualize the missing areas.

Developing sample applications

Look forward to your participation in this exciting project.

If you need more information or if you have any suggestions/comments on the above please send email to
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